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JUNE 5, 2019


  1. Pray for the upcoming Missionary Church SHIFT CONFERENCE which takes place in Fort Wayne July 8-11. To learn about being involved in the 30 Days of Prayer for SHIFT which starts this Saturday, go to: https://www.mcusa.org/prayforshift/
  2. TIM PATCH, GRACE MC, WATERFORD, celebrated his birthday Sunday by being hospitalized with a very large kidney stone. The doctors did a cystoscopic procedure on Monday evening but were unable to break up most of the stone because of its massive size.  He will have to go back on June 24 for another procedure.
  3. Prayer is requested for the wife of former Regional pastor JON SHERRY. JODI SHERRY has metastatic thyroid cancer which has spread throughout her body and into her brain.  Pray for God’s healing touch on Jodi.
  4. Pray for all the World Partners staff currently on Home Ministry Assignment as they speak to individuals and in churches to raise support before returning to their ministry fields.
  • Please pray for WALT McLAVY, BROWN CITY CAMP BOARD vice chairman and father-in-law of Regional Office Bookkeeper, JANET McLAVY. Walt’s surgery for skin cancer on his face has been scheduled for June 26 with follow-up reconstruction on the next day.
  • Continue to pray for former District Superintendent REV. PAUL DeMERCHANT who is recovering from a stroke.
  • GAIL STUTZMAN, daughter of retired ministry couple, REV. RICHARD & JUNE CULP, continues to receive treatments for metastatic breast cancer.


  1. BROWN CITY CAMP WORK WEEK is next week, June 10-14. To find out how you can volunteer, go to: http://www.browncitycamp.org/volunteer.html
  • COOK NEEDED – A cook is needed to oversee the cafeteria at Mancelona Camp this July 21-27 (Sunday supper through Saturday lunch). The cafeteria provides meals three times a day for youth, staff and speakers (approximately 75-90 teens and adults).  Those interested should contact camp caretakers Ed and Judy Sayre (judithlsayre@sbcglobal.net) for more information.
  • COUNSELORS NEEDED – Mancelona Youth Camp is looking for male counselors. Counselors must be 19 or older or have one year of college experience. Counselors need to report on Saturday, July 20 at 1 pm for training. If interested, please contact David and Debbie Kissinger at danddkiss@gmail.com.
  1. The Region has a quantity of the book BECOMING A WELCOMING CHURCH by Thom Rainer available to gift any church(es) that would like to use them with their church board. Reply to the E-Prayer if you are interested.
  • Small group leaders are needed –if you are attending BCC and would be willing to help out by coming to the youth service in the morning (9:30 AM) and then meeting with a small group of teens to discuss the message, reply to the E-Prayer.
  • Tent Awnings – contact Tim Patch at rev_patch@yahoo.com if you have a tent awning that the youth could use during camp.
  1. In this day and age of technology, getting involved in overseas missions and supporting ministries around the world has never been easier.  But with the advances, there are certain requirements and the potential for fraud and misuse of funds.  Therefore, the Missionary Church is urging all churches and individuals to exercise caution when getting directly involved with foreign ministries.  We encourage you to contact World Partners for guidelines and directions about working with individuals, churches or agencies overseas.   Here are links to three resources that our denomination recommends when considering support of overseas missions:
  1. From World Partners: Teachers are needed for missionary kids and university students! Click on the link for more information: https://wpartners.org/news/teachers-needed-for-missionary-kids

This training will help you:

  • Listen actively so others feel understood.
  • Ask powerful questions that initiate a change of thinking.
  • Generate feedback that avoids defensiveness.
  • Design action steps that will actually be accomplished.
  • Follow-up to increase learning and accountability.
  1. FIELD USA is hosting a LEVEL 1 Discipleship Cycle Training on June 22, 2019 at COLONIAL WOODS MC. Registration is at 8:30 AM with the first session beginning at 9:00 AM. Cost is just $10 per attendee which covers materials and lunch.  Presenter is REV. ANTHONY FERRIELL, Director of Field USA.  Anyone who wants to advance the kingdom by making disciples is welcome to attend.  To register, go to: https://crossroadscco.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/233307