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MARCH 29, 2017


  1. Pray for World Partners missionaries, REV. DENNY & LINDA COLLINS, as they complete their ministry in IRELAND at the end of this month and return to the states.  May the Lord provide comfort through the parting with the Irish people they have come to love so dearly.  Pray too for the young Christians that they will leave behind.
  2. Please pray for JOHN BRUMMEL, long-time prayer leader in the Region, as he recovers from a recent major intestinal surgery.
  3. REV. JACK WOODBURN, COLONIAL WOODS COUNSELING CTR., had a difficult hernia surgery yesterday.  Please pray for Jack as he recovers.
  4. BETHEL COLLEGE’S Deeper Life Conference is being held this week with Bob Morton as the speaker. Pray the students would be challenged to go deeper in their lives with Christ and their witness of Him.
  • Please continue in prayer for ANGIE ASPY, wife PASTOR MARK ASPY (FAITH CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, HART).  She has anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (a stroke in the optic nerve in her eye) which has caused her loss of vision. Her condition remains about the same.  Please continue to pray for Angie’s healing and the restoration of her sight.
  • Pray for World Partners missionary to Ireland RANDY FUDGE who recently had eye surgery.  He is also dealing with diminished kidney function.  Randy fell on the 11th of March and broke his arm in five place.  He was hospitalized and treated for an infection and dehydration but was released from the hospital today.
  • KAREN, wife of Regional minister REV. TIM HOLCOMB-DENSMORE, is undergoing cancer treatments.
  • GAIL STUTZMAN, daughter of Regional pastor REV. RICHARD & JUNE CULP, reports that a recent scan came back with good news.  There is no sign of any cancer activity!


1. GENERATE 2 with DAN GRIDER will take place on March 31 & April 1 (Friday 5-9 PM; Saturday 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM) at Alanson Public Schools, 7400 North St., Alanson.  To register for Generate 2, send a check for $30.00 per person to the Michigan Region.  Generate 2 focuses on helping church leaders develop a strategy that will help them fulfill the Great Commission in their communities.   For information about Generate, visit their web site: http://generatedisciples.com/?p=training

2.  CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES INSTITUTE (CMI) will be offering a class on Preaching: Communicating for Changed Lives on April 8, April 29, and May 13 taught by Pastor Phil Whetstone and meeting at Colonial Woods MC in Port Huron.  The class will meet from 9 AM to 2 PM.  This is one of the basic eight classes required for licensing but is also a great class to enhance your teaching and speaking skills in the local church.  It is open to any student and is always one of our most popular classes.  Phil does a great job helping you become more effective in communicating God’s Word at any level.  Registration forms are available on the Regional website.  A $100 scholarship is available to any Missionary Church member or regular attender.  A syllabus will be emailed to you upon request or when you register.  Contact Pastor Phil or Pastor Doug Connelly (586-703-5402) with any questions.

3.  DAYTON HEIGHTS MC in FLINT needs a new roof on their building!  This small congregation in a very needy area of Flint also needs some help with paying for the roof.  The projected cost is about $20,000.  The church has already raised a little more than $7,000.  Pastor Doug Connelly reports that Davison Missionary Church has committed $2,000 as a matching gift to the church.  Whatever is given by other Regional churches and raised by the Dayton Heights Church itself between now and Easter Sunday will be matched up to $2,000.  Pastors, will you talk with your Board this month and see if you can help with this need?  Pastor Bob Phillips would be happy to talk with you if you need more information.  Gifts can be sent to the Dayton Heights Church or to the Regional Office designated for the project.